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Environmental pollution and climate change are two crucial challenges of our time. We want to be part of the solution and are convinced that it is possible to reconcile business and the environment. Technology is not the only solution, but very often the best one. We believe that “a little better” is not good enough – and that is why we have identified the key areas for action for ourselves. As of 2021, Westernacher has been fully carbon neutral.

Carbon neutrality.

We have been climate-neutral since 2021. We reduce emissions, mainly caused by travel, to a minimum. We compensate for any remaining emissions.

Since the beginning of 2022, our figures (based on the GHG Protocol) have been validated by an independent external auditor. The certificate pertains to the Westernacher Group including Westernacher Consulting and Westernacher Solutions. We will keep the emissions on a low level and reduce wherever possible. Starting with 2021, the remaining carbon footprint was and will be offset to be at least carbon neutral.

Our sustainability solutions, developed by the Westernacher Group itself, are making a difference. Our version of the CO2 Monitor has helped us become climate neutral and can also be used in a wide range of industries to achieve sustainability goals.


Wherever possible, we save energy; otherwise, we rely on renewable energy sources.


We use resources in a way that allows nature to regenerate.


We avoid waste or reuse it. We digitize (back-office) processes and operate paperless offices and workflows. Laptops, monitors, cell phones and office furniture find a new home after we have used them. We source recycled and organic materials and packaging, fairly traded and locally whenever possible. We avoid plastics. We use ecologically and ethically sound promotional gifts in sales and marketing communications with customers, partners and employees.

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