Social responsibility and sustainability.

We have always seen our task as solving problems and challenges for our customers. Be it with better and more efficient processes in their warehouses, optimized control of their transportations or the use of data to make the right decisions. The world is not just changing today. A new consciousness is emerging. Business and companies are no longer viewed in isolation from other events and framework conditions, but in the overall context.
How does a company generate its profit? Is its business conduct ethical? How does it deal with customers, partners and suppliers? What are the working conditions like throughout the value chain? What contribution does the company make to society? And, what impact do your own actions have on the environment and future generations? Pure profit optimization is passé. Sustainability is required in all areas and at all levels. We, too, recognize this responsibility and accept it. Because the future is what has always fascinated us. We want to be able to look forward to it.

Sustainability – more than the sum of its parts.

Economic success is more than sales growth and profit. Enabling people to have meaningful work is part of it, but so is combating poverty, hunger and exclusion, and protecting the environment and our resources. Sustainability and responsibility are closely linked and extend to various areas of society. In order to make sustainable corporate action a reality, we at Westernacher have defined our “Social Responsibility and Sustainability” in three dimensions.

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