Ethics & Compliance

For us, sustainability means that the success of the few is not achieved at the expense of the many. Instead, fairness and transparency create economic success in which as many as possible participate. But it also means that performance prevails and not impure business practices. We have a clear opinion on this and equally clear rules that govern our actions in all areas worldwide.

Compliance with the law is essential, but we believe there is much more we can do to adopt a responsible attitude in the most important areas of our operations. As a guiding principle, we strive to have a positive impact on ethical, environmental and social areas around our business.

We are an ethical company.

Information and personal data.

The protection of confidential information is very important to us. We scrupulously comply with all applicable rules and laws on data protection and data security. We respect intellectual property.

Human rights.

The business activities of our company shall in no way contribute to human rights violations of any kind. Neither directly nor indirectly. We regard this as our own responsibility.


We win projects through our performance, a convincing offer, and the trust that customers who share our values place in us. When it comes to bribery and anything close to it, we apply the “zero tolerance” principle. We do not work for clients in unethical areas.


Our values and standards apply not only to us, but equally to the selection of our partners and suppliers. Thus, we only work with suppliers who act as responsibly as we do and have similar corporate social responsibility values. We do not work with suppliers who are associated with child labor, forced labor, etc. We do not accept anything from suppliers that goes beyond normal business hospitality and is not reasonable or appropriate.

Business ethics.

We manage our business using a consistent set of values that meet the highest standards of integrity. We respect the customs, mores and culture of the communities in which we operate. We do not exploit our position, contacts or special knowledge for personal interest or gain.


We consider and treat people in our company as partners and treat them with fairness, dignity and respect. We comply with applicable local labor laws, including those governing working hours, compensation, equality, health and safety.

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