Our values.



We create and deliver end-to-end value
through innovation, process and technology consulting plus a range of other services.


We are true pioneers
and experts with passion for emerging technologies and applications.


We deliver results
to the highest quality.


We stand for reliability
and commitment to our customers, our people and business partners.


We live our values
attract and retain talent, encourage entrepreneurial spirit and are proud of our corporate culture and the integrity of our people.


We act responsibly
regarding ethics, environment and society to conduct sustainable business.

What we stand for.

We are inquisitive, creative thinkers with strong entrepreneurial spirit. We tread new paths of working, think differently and are willing to try out new approaches to create value and innovation for our customers. All of this makes us pioneers in our field and keeps us responsive, quality-focused and results-oriented.


The entrepreneurial power.

Take ownership of developing our business. Embark on a rewarding journey where success, growth and well-being are priorities. Our essence of nonstop innovation comes from running the company in a pioneering, unique way. Entrepreneurship is the secret.

Westernacher employees are part of an entity that cannot be sold.  All of our stock is owned by hundreds of our employees. Westernacher ownership is the invitation to be an entrepreneur within the company. As a partner and shareholder, you participate in the dividends and value growth of the company.

The spirit of success.

Be your own boss and manage projects, teams or business units. Start new service offerings or revolutionize other aspects of the organization. Branch out in a new technology or be a part of geographical expansion. Write your own story with entrepreneurial spirit.

Every investment we make and every new venture we undertake are financed with our own funds. From market expansion to travel, we take our responsibility to spend company resources carefully and sustainably.

Let your job become a passion.

Enjoy benefits that go beyond the ordinary. A career path from junior to senior, enthusiastically shaping Westernacher’s future. Ultimately, own a piece of Westernacher.


A vital part of our DNA.

We treat employees, customers and business partners as partners with the goal of forming a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Westernacher is like a journey that fuels your soul, and a family where you celebrate successes and storms as one. We are working together, valuing each individual and fostering a sense of collective ownership.

From rookie to CEO.

Our partnership model is built on a foundation of fairness and equity. It means every voice is heard, and everyone’s contribution is recognized. We believe in transparency, equal opportunities and respect for all. We respect and welcome diversity in every form.

Collaborate innovation.

Partnership breeds innovation. We encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, allowing new ideas to flourish and our collective intelligence to lead to solutions. We value everyone’s unique skills and attributes as key contributions to our joint success.

Value creation.

Our customers’ success.

We listen, understand and tailor our solutions to meet our customers´ unique needs. This is our commitment to create value. Our success is tied to the success of our customers. Their objectives become our mission and their goals become our highest priority.

Innovating business processes.

We invest in understanding our customers´ industry, their customers and their future. This fuels our innovative thinking, driving the solutions that lead to our customers´ success. We deliver such innovation in the highest quality.

Your partner.

We are achieving your business objectives. Your success is at the heart of everything we do. When you partner with Westernacher, your are not just a client, you are  the foundation of our success.

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