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Dear readers,
S ome time ago, when we had the idea to develop a Westernacher corporate magazine, we asked ourselves many questions. Some of the most important were: What would interest you as a reader? What would suit us as a company and brand? And how can we credibly generate added value for you, as well as for our employees and colleagues? It quickly became clear to us that we didn’t want to launch a «usual customer magazine.» By that, we mean a publication that, in our eyes, covers topics that we already deal with in one way or another in our communications. We wanted something, at least for us, unusual. Something strong and independent. Relatively quickly, we came up with the idea of creating a platform that focuses on innovation, but above all on the people behind it. Because innovation is always made by people. So what could be more exciting than getting to know these personalities and learning more about their thoughts, secrets and views. Firsthand.

With QUEST the Magazine, we are entering completely new territory for us. Many of the topics covered in our magazine are not part of our core topics as an SAP consulting company.

But they are the topics that define our time and, above all, our future. For example, there is blockchain, which we give a very broad space in this first issue. We are convinced that it is forward-looking. And therefore extremely exciting for us. You can learn that blockchain is much more than bitcoin and crypto not only from Scott Stornetta, the co-inventor of this technology, but also in two other interviews. It is beyond the scope of this preface to introduce all the interviews and fascinating personalities in this issue. Just this: After we had the opportunity to talk to these eight personalities and we saw the first copy of QUEST as a PDF on the screen, we were simply thrilled to see how everything is connected. And how inspiring the future can be.

We hope to inspire you with QUEST, too, and take you with us to many more issues to come. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Scott Stornetta – Blockchain is more than Crypto.
Blockchain. Redefining value in the digital age.
In a conversation with Scott Stornetta, one of the two inventors of blockchain technology, we learn about blockchain, the journey of this major invention, and its several other possible applications. We also dive into innovation, solving ancient problems with new technologies, and the meaning and value of NFTs.
Jim Rogers – The Metaverse today and in the future.
The future of money. Uncertain since ever.

How do you imagine paying for your cup of coffee in a future world where almost everything is digital? Do you see our financial system serving our rising need for sustainability and resilience? We met Jim Rogers, a legendary hedge fund investor, and asked him these questions. And a few more.

“Supply chain manage­ment is all about the manage­ment of relation­ships.“
The Wall Street Journal recently made a documentary titled ‚Why global supply chains may never be the same. We, of course, wanted to understand why firsthand. Who better to hear from than Professor Richard Wilding OBE- described by the BBC and DHL as „one of the worlds leading experts in logistics and supply chain management. In a remarkably well-detailed interview, we discuss the ‚New Normal‘ in Supply Chain Management. We also cover what tomorrow‘s supply chain will look like, the latest trends, and how technology can contribute to a more resilient but also socially fair economy.
Mark Pesce – The Metaverse today and in the future.
The Metaverse. A new world in the making?
The Metaverse is the latest buzzword when talking about Web 3.0. In the company of Mark Pesce, an inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator, and broadcaster, we go behind the scenes to discover the hype. He gives us a very down-to-earth definition of what the Metaverse actually is and a profound outlook of what it could be someday.
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